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About Lillamonsters
Unique baby blanket, blankie, or lovey  handmade with silky satin, flannel and
minkee.  These soothing, cuddly "silkys" provide comfort for a fussy baby and style
for the modern parent.
It's a comfort!
It's a sleep-aid!
Yes, it’s a Lillamonsters Silky to the rescue!
Our luxury silky satin baby blankets are proven to comfort a tired or anxious baby.
Custom handmade in USA with soothing satin, cozy flannel or luxurious minkee.
"Silking" - Baby's habit of stroking something soft for self-soothing purposes. - Dr. JW Hull
All Satin Baby Blankets with Ribbon trim, too
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Zoology Silky Satin Backed Baby Blanket 33x33
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33" x 33"
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Mini Minkee Silky
Luxury travel size
satin baby blankies
18" x 18"
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Lil' Silky
Lovey size
satin baby blankets
18" x 18"
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Satin Backed Minkee Baby Blanket Custom Made You Design
Minkee Silkys
Luxury soft
baby blankets
30" x 36"
Forest Life Flannel Minkee Baby Blanket
Minkee & Flannel Baby Blanket Custom Made: Superheroes
Minkee Puffs
Minkee & Cotton
Stroller Ready!
33" x 33"
Yucky Flannel Burp Cloths 3-pack
Yucky Burp Cloths
Fun Flannel
Burp Cloths
It can take 2 - 4 weeks to receive your made-to-order blanket.
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Why is a Lillamonsters baby blanket such a popular gift?
Satin or soft baby blankets help babies learn to comfort themselves. (It's a skill that can lead to less
therapy later on in life.) The satin provides a texture that is soothing to the child.  Most babies hold
the baby blanket or rub it when they're going to sleep. It will become their security blanket (or
sometimes called lovie, silky, lovey, woobie, silkie, wubbie, blankie, blanky or blankee!)  Regardless of
name, once this rubbing and bonding becomes a pattern it becomes much easier to get the child to
settle down and sleep, or travel, or go to daycare.  Lillamonsters baby blankets have proven to
comfort.  Plus, they are just so dang cute. Can't you just see one of the many vintage, retro,
western, funky, cool, or traditional baby blankets hanging out of your stroller ?
And now you can
personalize them.
Order a baby blanket on-line with your credit card.

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Advice to parents:  NEVER get rid of a child's security blanket no matter
what the condition!  I have heard way too many sob stories from adults still
traumatized by the loss of their blankie!
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