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Chinese and Asian Baby Blankets
Many sizes and styles of handcrafted baby blankets created with the
beauty of the Asian traditions.
Very popular gift for Chinese adoptions.
Chinese Welcome Monster Silky Baby Blanket
33" x 33" (84x84cm)
Peacocks & Dragon Satin Brocade Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Japanese Keiko Minkee Baby Blanket
33" x 33" (84x84cm)
Asian Rose Brocade Satin Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Mr. Handsome Asian Satin Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Butterfly Asian Brocade Satin Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Sold out
All Flannel Baby Blanket
Smaller "Lovie" Baby Blankies:
Asian Lantern Lil' Silky Baby Blankie
18" x 18" (46x46cm)
Chinese Welcome Lil' Silky Baby Blanket
18" x 18" (46x46cm)
Asian Floral Tiny Lovie Baby Blankie
12" x 12" (31x31cm)
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