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Elephant Garden Lil Silky Baby Blankie
Large Blankets (31x31 and up)
Retro Cars on Brown, ORange Minkee Baby Blanket
Lil" Silkys (18" x 18")
Unique receiving size blankets.
Some are one of a kind.
Flannel and satin lovey blankies for
girls, boys and "Keeping it a secret."
Mini Minkees (18" x 18")
All Satin (18" x 18")
Sea Turtle with Aqua minkee and lime satin baby blanket
Security blankets also called lovey, lovie, my blankee,
blanky, baby blankie, woobie, wubbie, wobie, silky, or comfort silkie.
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Asian Brocade, Zebra Minkee Baby Blanket
Minkee (Minky), Satin and
fanciful ribbons for all.
Cool, comforting
all-satin baby blankies.