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Shipping  & Taxes
Cost for shipping one SMALL Silky in U.S.A. is $6.50 and up.
(Occassionally I can lower your shipping cost - website calculations not always correct)
Blankets will be sent USPS Priority Mail with tracking.
Once order is complete (approx 2 - 4 weeks), shipping time is 2-3 days.
Price increases slightly with larger blankets and as more Silkys are ordered.
If you want me to lower shipping as much as possible, you can mention in Comments that "First
Class Shipping" is ok.  
If the cost is significantly cheaper I will change & adjust shipping charges.

Order a premade "Quick Ship Blankie" if you need one right away.

If you need a rush on a Custom, please email/call me, or mention it in "Comments Box".  Tell me
your real deadline.  I will do my best to get yours out in time for your deadline(at no additional
charge.)   But. if you need express/overnight shipping as well, it will cost a minimum of $16 more.
This may not even be possible during busy seasons & holidays.

International addresses can be shipped Airmail or Global Priority.
Rates vary by country.  
Europe:    Approx $24 Priority, $13.00 Airmail for 1 small Silky
Canada:    Approx $19.95 Priority, $11.00 Airmail for 1 small Silky
Mexico:    Approx $24 Priority, $11.00 Airmail for 1 small Silky
Australia:  Approx $24 Priority, $11.00 Airmail for 1 small Silky
Shipping time for Priority is suppose to be is 4-6 days.( tracking)
Shipping time for Airmail is suppose to be is 7-10 days. (limited tracking )
But no guarantees! Customs have really been slow lately. And I know nothing of the import
taxes that might be charged.
Only orders shipped to California are taxed. Taxes owed are 10%.
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