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About Lillamonsters
Sure, I can customize a baby security blanket just for you and your wee one.
All my blankets makes a unique gift great for swaddling, strollers or comforting.

My sizes and styles are set (see below) but I can change colors or find a specific fabric.

If you are looking for a special print or color, give me as many details (cotton, flannel, colors,
gender etc...) as possible and I will begin the search.  It may take me a few days but I will
email you pictures of the designs & prints I find.

As soon as you let me know which fabric you have chosen, (if I have given you options) you
should order one of the "Custom Blankets" below.  
I won't special order fabric or begin sewing until you have placed your order.

Also tell me what satin color you are interested in.  Be as descriptive as possible as I have
various shades of certain colors. Even include a second choice if you're flexible.

If I already carry all the fabrics the price will be $5 less.

Just "
Contact Me" and let me know what you want and then ORDER!
Sophie & her satin baby blanket
Custom Monster Size Silky        33" x 33"  -  $50
Custom Lil' Size Silky                 18" x 18"  -   $31
Custom All Satin Blanket          33" x 33"  -  $40
Custom All Satin Lovey             18" x 18"  -  $25
Custom Minkee Puff                33" x 33"   -  $52
Custom Minkee Silky Large      33" x 33"   -  $49
Custom Minkee Silky Small       18" x 18"   -  $26
Custom All Minkee                   33" x 33"   -  $55
Custom All Flannel                   33" x 33"   -  $35
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