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those who fell in love with their Silky...
*  When I was a little girl I had a blankie  that I carried (13 years) until there was nothing
left but strings. I am getting twin grandbabies in Aug. So, I set out to find the perfect
blankies for them. Lillamonsters was the answer. I just received 3 of them in the mail. I love
them. You know, I really want to keep the sock monkey blanket for myself.  I am sure that
my little boy and little girl will love them too. What a great idea.  
Thank you, Lisa 04/05
* I nearly passed out when I saw the Silky - it just far, far exceeded my expectations!! You
were so right about the celery satin and the custom card you made to go with it is just
gorgeous!  Thank you once again for the care and thought you gave to help me give the
most perfect gift I could imagine to my brother's new  daughter. All the small details like
making the card (really, I might just keep it myself it's so cute!), suggesting an alternative
satin color, and making sure I got the silky before my trip tomorrow, are so appreciated. (I'll
stop gushing now!)  Hopefully there'll be more babies in my life soon so I can give more
Thanks again, Diana 09/04
*  I just ordered five of your silkys...they are wonderful! The pictures on the website don't
do them justice.  They are so charming and colorful.  They are my new favorite gift for
expectant parents!  
Deidre 01/03
*  Just wanted to tell you how much my toddler loves his "soft."  Each night before bed, he
requests that we rub soft all over his face and arms.  He adores his silky!!
Thanks for the great product.  
Julie  08/03
*  I just ordered a replacement silky for my son.  I can no longer repair the one he received
as a new born.  He has loved it to death over the past 16 months.  I ordered the same
pattern and am hoping the exchange goes smoothly.  He loves his "blankie" and takes it
everywhere.  I get compliments about the size and softness whenever we are out. Thank
you for making such a durable product and one that brings my son such happiness.  
*  Lilla,  The blankets arrived last week and are so incredibly beautiful and soft!  My baby
loves them and when he is crying from the challenges of recovery it is such an amazing thing
to give him one of the blankets and see him stroke it and calm himself. Thank you so much
for the wonderful blankets and for making the extra effort to get them here so quickly.  I
believe he will recover faster and happier as a result of your efforts.  
Kim 06/03
Twins with satin baby blankets
Twins with satin baby blankets
*  Hi, here are a couple
of Pics from last
Aug.28,2002 of the
twins with their  
blankies. Thanks again.
Tammie 1/03
*Thank you so much for the silky blankets.  They have seen me through Afghanistan and
now Iraq.  It was always like having a little piece of my family with me.  You will never
know how much I appreciate it.  Thanks, Jason CPT, AV Commanding
(Jason's kids sent their silkys with Jason when he was stationed overseas.)
*  i just wanted to let you know that i absolutely love the silky. the satin color is perfect (i
knew you'd pick something wonderful!) this is the 4th one that i've gotten (2 were for my
daughter and the others were gifts) and i can't wait for more of my friends to have babies
so i can order more. thank you for making blankies that are so wonderful and special. have a
great day!  
Julie 04/03
*  Hey Lilla,  Again, thank you for such a great product.  My sister is on her way to China to
adopt her second little girl.  I just placed an order for a "Calming Zen" silky.  How perfect is
Laura  08/03
*  Hi, just wanted to let you know I got my Silky today and it is even cuter than I expected
it to be!!  I know my baby will love it.  Thanks so much!    
Danielle 09/02
*  Lilla,  Thank you so much for the rush on my order. I know my sister and her daughter
are going to love the silky. I know she registered in some places but I would much rather
give a gift that is original and more quality than the store bought items. Thanks again. I
cannot wait for it to arrive.  
Raymond  05/03
*  Ever since I ordered to retro duck silky for a baby shower I have been meaning to contact
you. I was surprised at how bright the yellow was when the gift was opened.  But we made
the new Mom so happy.  She is Asian and told me that the bright yellow is the color for
emperors and emperesses.  She loved it so much she was considering using it as a wall
hanging but decided the baby should enjoy its softness.  She mentioned several times how
much she loved it. Thought you might like to hear about her reaction!
Karen 06/03
* Thank you so much for the wonderful and unique baby gifts. This is my second purchase
from your website and I have been so satisfied with  each gift. I have recommended your
site to many friends also. I slept with my silky until I was 18 years old, I just wish that when
I was young, my silky was this hip. Thank you!  
 Kristy 09/04
* I  just wanted to let you know that the blankets arrived this morning and I am delighted
with them. They are all perfect and so unique! I will definitely be back for more from you, I
really am pleased with the way you packed everything so neatly and can see great care was
taken doing this. Thank you so much!  
Angela 01/05
* Fabulous -- my friend raved about the silky, and it shipped (and was delivered) well before
I expected it to -- I sent it across country and it was the first gift received! Highly, highly
recommended -- a lovely gift that doesn't look like everything in every strip mall in the
country, high quality, prompt service, and reasonable price -- what else could you ask for?
Anne 09/04
* I absolutely love your blankets.  I started looking for the perfect baby blanket about
two years ago and found your site.  I ordered my first two blankets then and was so
impressed!  So in my quest to convert the entire world into "Blanket Babies," I have been
ordering your silkys ever since.  I think I'm up to eight blankets now, and my quest is
working.  It seems that children just can't resist your blankets.  Yeah!!! Thank you for
such a wonderful product - I just love them for gifts and for my children.
Erin 08/04
* I just received my silky today and just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is!!  My
daughter, Kassi,  is expecting in October and I was thrilled to find your site.  Kassi always
had her "baby" - a Winnie the Pooh blanket with a silk border and I had my blanket when I
was little.  Kassi still has baby and I have my blanket from the 50's. It sure isn't as soft and
wonderful as our little girl's is going to be. The vintage fabric is beautiful!!  Thanks for
making such a wonderful product.  I hope it will be my granddaughter's favorite thing!!  If
she doesn't like it, Kassi and I will fight over it. I will remember your website for other
gifts for our new baby and friends. Thank you,
Robin 08/04
*  Your silky idea is so excellent! It makes me want my own blanket back sooooooo bad. And
I am 35. =) My blanket's name was "Light", by the way. Anyway, Light had silky satin around
the edges and my mom had to replace it over and over again because it would be
threadbare after a year or so. I kept it until I was 6, when my grandma made me give it up.  
WHERE IS MY LIGHT??? Gone. My sister got to keep her blanket, and still has it. It has
been reduced to a knotted bundle or yarn... but is still in existence. Anyway, I hope your
business is thriving, because this is the most comforting wonderful idea I have heard of in a
long time.
 Sincerely, Katie 04/02
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Satin baby blankets by Lillamonsters
* Thank you again for shipping these out so quickly! I got them in time for the baby shower
on Sunday and they're all adorable. I've now purchased 5 of these blankets from you and
will definitely come back for more in the future.
Heidi 10/04