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About Lillamonsters
"Luxury Minkee  Baby Blankets"
the softest and most addictive baby blanket you'll EVER feel!
The larger blankets are 33" x 33", perfect for those cool stroller walks in the evening.  
The smaller "mini" size* is 18" x 18", a great comfort for baby during fussy moments.
Makes a unique gift for the special baby! Handmade.
Minkee fur also called chenille, softie, minky or sherpa.
Mini - Minkee
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Custom Mini Minkee Baby Blankies with Ribbon Trim
18" x 18" comfort size
Safe for bed, handy for travel!
Luxury Minkee backed with satin  
Luxury Minkees with satin back.
Add ribbon and name, too!
Soothes like a dream.
Luxury Minkees with cotton front.
33" x 33"
Many unique & unusual designs
See all Mini Minkee designs
See all Minkee Puff designs
See Minkee Silky options
All Minkee  
Warming Blankets
Luxury Minkees with double minkee.
33" x 33"
Make your own color combination.
Create Your All-Minkee Blanket
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