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Top 10 Questions
Can I get a blankie quickly?  Yes, if you are in dire need of a blankie or larger blanket, I have an
assortment of pre-made silkys and blankets (
Quick Ship Blankies)  that can ship immediately.  Some
are even one of a kind.

Why does a baby need a special blanket?   
Babies need to learn to comfort themselves. (It's a skill that can lead to less therapy later on in life.) A
satin baby blanket provides a texture that is soothing to the child.  Most babies hold the blanket or rub
it when they're going to sleep. Once this becomes a pattern it becomes much easier to get the child to
settle down and sleep. A handy sleep aid.

Is this Silky blanket machine washable and dryable?     
Of course! And these satin baby blankets get softer and softer with every wash. However, you should
never use a fabric softener (it will spot the satin). And for minkee blankets I recommend drip-dry.

Why are the "Lil' Silkys" so small?     
Babies and toddlers just need a little something soft to cuddle and stroke. It helps them calm down.
Since a baby is small - why shouldn't her security blanket  be small, too? And a small silky is safer to use
for sleep training.  (also called silky, lovey, wobie, blankie, silkie, lovie, wubbie, blankee, blanky, or wobie.)

Is it okay for the child to become so attached?
Yes, it is a normal and healthy process. However, if the child is truly "addicted", I would recommend
having a second blanket as a backup.  I get a lot of panicy second orders from parents whose baby has
lost their Silky.

When can I take the worn ratty blanket away?
Never!  You might want to restrict the blanket to bedtime, but please don't throw away the blankie or
the scraps left.  I have heard so many stories from adults who were traumatised when their blankie was
thrown away.  If you do take it away, at least save the remains for them to have when they leave
home. It will make a wonderful goodbye/goodluck gift.

Can you personalize the blankets?     
Yes,  I charge $8 for ONE name (or combo short first names, ie Lucy Mae)  (sorry, I can't do full name).  
Some blankets have the option to personalize as you order.  If it does not, use the "
Personalize" option
found on navigation bar to add personalization to your blanket order.   Personalized blankets cannot be
returned unless I make a mistake.  Please double-check the spelling you give me.

What is the fiber content?     
Most blankets are 100% cotton/flannel and the silky satin is polyester. Filling is either 100% organic
cotton batting or cotton flannel.
 Minkee fabric is polyester.

Where did you get the idea?     
Since I had a satin blanket that I loved when I was a kid, I wanted to give Silkys as baby gifts to new
mothers.  But in 1999-2000 I could never find them in stores. So I started making them. They became so
popular with friends that I decided to start selling them to everyone else looking for a gift that is truly
special, helpful and well-made.

Why are some designs limited?     
I want parents and kids to feel special knowing they have a very unique Silky. Plus, some fabrics are
simply vintage or in short supply.

Do you offer gift wrap?  
Yes, I now offer gift packaging.  The blankets are rolled up in tissue paper, tied with coordinating
ribbon and has a handmade gift card that matches the blanket.  You can order gift wrap during
checkout for $3.  For a picture,
click here.  No prices will be included when sent directly as a gift.

How long does it take once I order?    
Blanket are MADE-TO-ORDER.   I try and ship within 2-3 weeks - but it does vary based on demand.
During summer & holiday seasons, orders may take longer. Please order early.
  I ship USPS Priority (2-3
days)  and my shipping charges as low as I can make them. If you have a deadline mention that in
"Comments Box" and I will do my best. Or choose a
Quick Ship Blankie - these are pre-made and ship

Can I return or exchange my Silky?     
Yes, unused baby blankets can be returned or exchanged within 14 days.  Personalized blankets
CANNOT be returned unless I make a mistake.
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