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About Lillamonsters
"Rare & Unusual Silkys"*
one-of-a-kind, odd sizes & just cool, unique baby blankets.
Very limited baby blanket designs for the special one-of-a-kind (or perhaps, odd) baby.
Mr. Handsome Asian Satin Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Butterfly Asian Brocade Satin Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Peacocks & Dragon Satin Brocade Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Asian Rose Brocade Satin Baby Blanket
32" x 32"
Ready-to-ship Blankets - Large
Cowboy Flannel and Minkee Baby Blanket All Minkee Blue Zebra Baby Blanket
Butterflies Minkee Baby Blanket
All Satin Silky Baby Blanket
Assorted styles, assorted addictions
Some are One-of-a-Kind!
Price  $40- $60
More to come.  Check back often.
*These trendy security blankets also called lovey, lovie, my blankee, softie, chenille,
blanky, baby blankie, woobie, wubbie, wobie, silky, or comfort silkie.
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