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About Lillamonsters
Wholesale information:
Storefront Boutiques are welcome to buy my blankets wholesale.
Orders must be a minimum of 4 blankets.

I do not dropship.

To start, please pick the designs and styles you will want for your store.
The website is my catalogue.

Then,  contact me and give me your business information: resale #, store name,
contact, address, phone, fax and email and what you want to order.
(email is:

Once I confirm that you are indeed a business, I will email  you the wholesale
prices.  To order you can email order or fax a PO.

Blankets are made to order.  
Quickship blankets are premade and ready to ship.

**"Rare & Unusual" silkys and silkys made with "vintage" flannel (repro okay) are not
available wholesale.

PS:  No, I Do NOT sell/ship to Nigeria.
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